Sussex Central Ruritan Club
Fellowship, Goodwill and Community Service


About the Sussex Central Ruritan Club

The Sussex Central Ruritan is a non-profit community service organization.  Our club was chartered in March of 1976. Since then, we have been serving the towns of Georgetown and Millsboro, Delaware. We are part of Ruritan National and in the Delmarva New Jersey Distrirct. We help both communities by holding fundraisers and performing community service projects. This is in keeping up with Ruritan mission, improving communities and building a better America through Fellowship, Goodwill, and Community Service.

The Sussex Central Club works hard all year with fundraising events.  In the fall and winter we have 2 sausage sales, one in October, and the other in February. In November we hold sporting clays shoot at Owens Station. In March, we have a chicken BBQ with the Sussex Central FFA. By holding all of these fundraisers, we are able to help the community. The money raised is then used to help support people and the communities of Georgetown and Millsboro. Some examples of our charitable donations include, helping fellow citizens in need, grant a scholarship to a local student, sponsoring a less fortunate family at Christmas.

The club does more than just philanthropy. We are also improving the community by service projects. The Sussex Central Club maintains two cemeteries located on Rt. 30. We cut the grass and keep them looking nice. We also maintain the island on the east side of Millsboro on Rt. 24. Just look for the Ruritan sign. At Christmas, we make fruit baskets and distribute them to two locate nursing homes. If a fellow citizen is in need, our club has been there. We have helped people move into assisted living, and have built wheelchair ramps. The club has also built handicap accessible picnic tables for some local parks and baseball fields.

As you can see, the Sussex Central Ruritan Club is a vital part of our community. We cannot assist the communities without your help and support. You can do this in a couple of ways. First by attending or supporting our fundraisers, the other is to become a member of our club. Either way, you will be helping us make a difference in the community.

For more information, please contact us today.

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